We occupy a responsible position in the local community and as such try to extend work experience opportunities each year. We are in touch with the local schools who join us in helping to target future lawyers with an insight into legal work.

We are also on the Law Society’s panel for taking Trainee Solicitors (former “Articled Clerks”). A trainee will have a two year full-time contract and will expect to sit-in on interviews with Clients. The Law Society has laid down that handling Clients in person, by phone and in correspondence is a compulsory element in training. Trainees must no longer be shut away doing little more than photocopying or checking up obscure points of law. This, of course, means that the profession needs the support and co-operation of the public. But we can reassure you that all matters given to a trainee are selected for their suitability and are the subject of management by checklist and reporting to the Principal. Your matter could be one of those selected, but if at any time you are at all uneasy about the conduct of your matter in such circumstances you should bring this up with our Principal at the earliest opportunity.
The size of our office means that places are very limited but applications from the local community will always be considered.