Conveyancing Costs start at £625 plus VAT and Disbursements (such as search fees Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax). Not every buyer needs a mortgage. It is not often appreciated that the demands of mortgagees by far outweigh the enquiries that we are asked to make for the actual buyer, and for this reason we ask those Clients that are having a mortgage to pay a supplemental charge to cover additional work in satisfying their mortgagee’s enquiries and completing the additional paperwork.


Wills start from £110.00 for a single person (£180 for a married couple) and we are on the panel for the Will for Free scheme run by The Institute of Cancer Research. If you’re over 60 they will pay this amount for a new or updated Will without obligation. Generally we expect to have your Will ready for signature within seven days. We send you a rough copy to check through, and a photocopy of the finished Will after signing. For your security, we suggest you let us keep the signed Will in our strongroom, without charge. We prefer to supervise the signing of all our Wills here in our office so as to ensure their validity, as errors in execution and witnessing, when discovered too late, are, of course, irremediable.

Legal Aid

The office has discontinued its involvement with Legal Aid and we no longer undertake work that is funded by the Community Legal Services Board.


Hourly rates for other work are as follows:

  • For all e-mail traffic and travelling time £125ph (minimum six-minute unit).
  • For all general correspondence and attendances: £155ph (minimum six minute unit).
  • For all specialist work:- JSP : £250ph.
  • For non specialist work: SMB,CVW or CM : £175ph

Note: Value Added Tax at standard rates must be added to all our charges.