Planning an extension? Do you need Permission?

In times of conveyancing uncertainty many people turn to building an extension onto their house.

For years it has been possible to construct a modest extension without the need for Planning Permission – but there have always been rules about the size, height and capacity of such an extension. The General Development Order governed such matters.

Then a temporary facility was introduced in 2013 which waived the need for permission even on quite large extensions. This waiver was due to expire on 30 May 2019 but a new Order has varied this and the relaxation has been turned into a permanent facility. But there are still conditions.

A single storey extension can extend up to eight metres from the rear wall of a detached house, or six metres if a semi, or terrace. And these distances are halved if the house is in a Conservation Area, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or a National Park.

These changes do not apply to flats or maisonettes, or converted houses. The neighbour consultation scheme still applies, which means you have to notify the Local Planning Authority, who will contact the neighbours to see if, within 21 days, there are any objections. If none, you may, of course, proceed. But if there is an objection you have the right of appeal.

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